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The Story of the Bell

Your life is changed forever when you are told that you have a life threatening cancer. There is never a day again when the word cancer and your prognosis does not cross your mind. The same is true for your spouse and family. As a surgeon, it has also become clear to me over time that your doctors, nurses, and caregivers have the same thoughts and concerns many times every day.

 "Milestones" are a great emotional help in getting you through all the treatments which can frequently cause many physical and emotional side effects. Ringing the "End of Treatment" bell can be a great emotional lift for both patients and families. My family and friends came to see me ring the bell after I completed my radiation treatment. Likewise they all came and sat with me to get my last dose of chemotherapy. The emotional high to everyone in these sometimes monumental achievements are of great benefit to all involved which is highlighted by "Ringing The Bell".

James S McHone MD

It is the goal of the SCOA Cares Foundation to provide assistance

to uninsured and underinsured Cancer Patients in hopes that

together we may achieve, “Getting you to the Bell”.


Jim's Last Chemo Celebration


Jim at "the Bell" with SCOA Radiation Therapists





SCOA Cares is a 501(c) 3 organization

All contributions are tax deductible and will be used to benefit patients in need.

SCOA Cares offers:
Retail Pharmacy Voucher Program*
Patient Transportation*
Patient Education and Support Programs*


SCOA Cares Foundation
PO Box 2046
West Columbia, SC 29171

*Please speak with our Social Work staff to see if the SCOA Cares Foundation can help you

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