Testimonials from Patients & Caregivers

  • I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 7/22/21. 2020 brought me a rare disease that pushed my clavicle out and perplexed several doctors for nine months before a diagnosis. I had surgery in January 2021 to clear the bacterial infection after several months of super strength antibiotics. Getting the cancer diagnosis was difficult in that I was out of sick leave and Vacation time due that disease. I had over 50 doctor visits/procedures due to that disease. The GM of Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits made sure I could go to my radiation treatments without being penalized for time. My SGWS family was my rock throughout both diseases. I am so honored that 11 people from my office signed up for this event. I am a runner. I ran throughout my treatments. I am much slower than I used to be but there is something about running that I need. Grateful that I can still run!
  • I started off as a young girl playing baseball on an all boys baseball team at seven oaks park because they didn’t offer Softball...I fell in love with that game instantly and it became my passion and who I was. Determined to play for Irmo Varsity I became the starting first baseman during my time and the Senior year co captain. I lived and breathed that game daily my entire life and have shared America's pastime with my children and my mom going each March to spring training in Florida. There’s something about the smell of dirt, the sound of the bat and putting on that uniform feeling like you stand above the rest. Walking to first base, slapping my glove, getting ready for that fast pitch softball to come off that bat and stretch to make that out. You walk off that field with your head held high and prepare to play offense. Standing in that batters box, moving the dirt to fit your cleats just the way you do each time, moving the bat loosely in your hands, staring down that pitcher that’s about to throw you a ball so fast you have very little time to react...so you either swing using everything you have been taught about keeping your eye on the ball, processing if it’s a strike in that quarter second you have or letting it go into the glove of the pitcher as a ball. This is all while your coach has given you a sign to hit and or the base runner to steal. And you either walk off that field at the end victorious with your team or ready to fight the next battle.

    Here I am today. I didn’t just get to the field my game started 6 short weeks ago. I once again put on a jersey and my cleats and I walked into that surgery ready to fight with my team. I have played defense lately but now today marks the beginning of offense for me. My cleats are digging into that sand in the batters box and I am staring down the pitcher for my first treatment at SCOA. I have a feeling I’m going to be hit by a few pitches this game. But God is my coach and He alone has given me the sign and that sign says SWING FOR THE FENCES #16...swing for the FENCES!
    Krisdee Clark
  • My mother, Rebekah Abao, bravely fought stage 4 breast cancer with Dr. Butler for many years. In late 2015 we realized she was unable to work anymore and I would need to pay for her medical bills. The cost of her insurance premiums were going to be very difficult for me to cover, as I have three children and had already quit my job to take care of my mother and also my grandmother who still currently sees Dr. Butler. Thankfully SCOA Cares stepped in and paid for all of her insurance premiums up until her passing on October 9, 2016. I will forever be grateful for the care my mother received at SCOA and for the SCOA Cares Foundation for helping us when I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to continue my mother’s treatments. My only regret is she never was able to ring her bell to signify the completion of her cancer treatment. Thank you SCOA Cares for everything you do! Because of generous donations from supporters of SCOA Cares, people like my mother are able to get the treatment they need.
    Melanie Miles