Testimonials from Patients & Caregivers

  • My mother, Rebekah Abao, bravely fought stage 4 breast cancer with Dr. Butler for many years. In late 2015 we realized she was unable to work anymore and I would need to pay for her medical bills. The cost of her insurance premiums were going to be very difficult for me to cover, as I have three children and had already quit my job to take care of my mother and also my grandmother who still currently sees Dr. Butler. Thankfully SCOA Cares stepped in and paid for all of her insurance premiums up until her passing on October 9, 2016. I will forever be grateful for the care my mother received at SCOA and for the SCOA Cares Foundation for helping us when I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to continue my mother’s treatments. My only regret is she never was able to ring her bell to signify the completion of her cancer treatment. Thank you SCOA Cares for everything you do! Because of generous donations from supporters of SCOA Cares, people like my mother are able to get the treatment they need.
    Melanie Miles