Welcome to SCOA Cares

The SCOA Cares foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2006 that assists cancer patients in need.

With funds raised through memorial donations, fundraising events and grants, SCOA Cares provides financial assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment.

How we help…

  • CT scans and PET scans at not cost to the patient in need,
  • Vouchers for vital cancer and symptom medications,
  • Assistance with insurance premiums,
  • Transportation awards to get patients to their treatment when they have no alternative transportation options,
  • Cancer research
  • Community cancer education classes and workshops.

Our Volunteer Board of Directors

Meredith Anderson, Executive Director

Sam Wheeler, Chief Financial Officer

Candy Coey, Event Coordinator

Julie Elliott, Board Member

GeGe Kimball, Board Member

Jo Mooney, Board Member